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Pupil Appraisal Center Contact Information

  Picture of Jim Shorter 

 Jim Shorter,

 Pupil Appraisal Manager,

 Phone Number: (985) 447-8181,

 email address:,

  Picture of Daphne Jones 

 Daphne Jones,

 Special Education Supervisor

 Phone Number: (985) 435-4639,

 email address:,

  Picture of Tammy Plaisance 

 Tammy Plaisance,

 PAC Clerical,

 Phone Number: (985) 435-3113,

 email address:,

  Picture of Jill Weimer 

 Jill Weimer,

 PAC Clerical,

 Phone Number: (985) 435-3112,

 email address:,

  Picture of Kia Barrileaux 

 Kia Barrilleaux,

 PAC Clerical,

 Phone Number: (985) 435-3114,

 email address:,

Pupil Appraisal Center

Located at 110 Bowie Road, the Lafourche Parish Pupil Appraisal Center (PAC) is comprised of multidisciplinary teams of professional staff including Certified School Psychologists, School Social Workers, Educational Diagnosticians, Speech Pathologists, Audiologists, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists,Adaptive Physical Education Teachers, and Special Education Program Effectiveness Liaisons.  PAC staff members are assigned to all Lafourche Parish schools and provide a wide variety of services to children from birth to 21 years of age.  Some of the services provided by the PAC staff include consultation with parents, teachers, and other educational professionals on developmental instructional or behavioral interventions and general development issues; screening and evaluation for academic difficulties and possible eligibility for Special Education services; membership on school-based committees which collect and interpret data and make decisions regarding appropriate intervention services for the referred students; direct support or related services to students with learning or behavior challenges; assistance with crisis situations; and providing training or information to school personnel on a wide variety of topics.

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