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Media Center

1411 Crescent Avenue

Lockport, Louisiana 70374

Phone: (985) 532-2508

Fax: (985) 532-7360

Contact Information

  Picture of Jimi Encalade 

 Jimi Encalade,

 Supervisor of Federal Programs,

 Phone Number: (985) 532-2508,

 email address: jencalade@mylpsd.com,


 Lacy Baudoin,

 ESSA Executive Coordinator & Family  Engagement Facilitator,

 Direct Line: (985)493-6744,

 email address: lbaudoin@mylpsd.com,

  Picture of Nicole Caillouet  

 Nicole Caillouet,

 Pre K Coordinator,

 Direct Line: (985)493-6754,

 email address: norgeron@mylpsd.com,

  Picture of Quentina Brown  

 Quentina Brown,

 Homeless Coordinator,

 Direct Line: (985)493-6762,

 email address: qbrown@mylpsd.com,

  Picture of Leslie Pelotto 

 Leslie Pelotto,

 Indian Ed Coordinator,

 Direct Line: (985)493-6756,

 email address: lpelotto@mylpsd.com,