Title I Part C - Migrant Program

Title I Part C - Migrant Program

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Contact Information

Kelly Kimball

ESSA Migrant Coordinator

Phone: (985)532-2508

Direct Line: (985)493-6749


Leslie Pelotto

Interim Migrant Liaison

Phone: (985)532-2508

Direct Line: (985)493-6756




Title I Part C - Migrant Program Overview


Program Description
The federally-funded Migrant Education Program (MEP) has provided educational and supportive services to migrant children across the nation since 1966. The Louisiana State Board of Education administers the MEP in Louisiana, and funds services in local school districts where fishing and farmworker children live. The MEP attempts to locate all eligible children acrosss the state to ensure that they are identified and recruited. The MEP also works through local school districts during the regular academic year to support the education of migrant students.

Program Goals
Migrant children may have difficulty in school. MEP services help migrant children adjust to their new school and keep up with their schoolwork. As a result of these services, children are better prepared to succeed. They are also more likely to graduate from high school and go on to college or employment.

Who the Program Serves
Children and youth through the age of 21 who have not graduated from high school may be eligible for the MEP if they have moved/traveled
    -across parish/state lines
    -within the last three years
    -with a parent/guardian or on his/her own
    -to obtain qualifying temporary or seasonal agricultural or fishing employment
The work must be directly related to the planting, cultivating, harvesting or processing of crops, trees, dairy products, meats, fish, or shellfish, or caring for livestock. There are no ethnic, national origin, income or language requirements of the MEP.

Services Provided
Each local MEP project offers services based on the needs of the migrant children it serves.
Educational services may include:
    -Free School meals
    -Instructional materials and supplies
    -Tutoring during the regular school year and summer for grades K-12
    -Translation services
    -Connection to other support agencies and programs
Supportive services include:
    -Statewide recruitment of eligible migrant children
    -Sharing of student information among the states when students move
    -Health and nutritional services
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