Forms and Tables

Tax Rate Tables

Based on the March 5, 2016 voter approval, there will be a change in the sales tax rate for all sales within the Parish of Lafourche, City of Thibodaux boundaries.  Effective July 1, 2016, the tax rate will increase by one-half of one percent (0.5%).  All vendors making sales within these boundaries beginning July 1, 2016 and thereafter will need to collect the sales taxes at the rates listed below:

 Lafourche Parish Tax Rates (rev 07-18) Total  STATE and LOCAL (only state rate changes)

 Lafourche Parish Tax Rates (rev 07-18) Total STATE and LOCAL tax by jurisdiction  (only state rate changes)

Lafourche Parish Tax Rates (rev  07-16) Total LOCAL tax by Jurisdiction 

Lafourche Parish Tax Rates (rev 07-16)  by Agency/City 

Sales, Use & Occupancy Taxes

Sales / Use


Hotel Occupancy Tax

In addition to the sales tax levied on the furnishing of rooms by hotels, motels, and tourist camps, an occupancy tax is imposed on the paid occupancy of hotel/motel rooms located in the Parish of Lafourche. If you are opening a Hotel, Motel, Campground, or RV park, please complete a Hotel / Motel application.   A separate tax return is used to report these sales.

Effective December 6, 2005 under the 2005 First Extraordinary Legislative Session, ACT 60, HB 115, the tax shall ALSO apply to the rent for lodging rented to the same occupant for a period of THIRTY (30) or more calendar days, or those rooms rented on an annual contract basis for consecutive days or in consecutive days.  This is the same for campgrounds and R V parks.